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Charging the battery via AC adapter

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The power of a power bank is always given in mAh. Small, inexpensive power banks, f1 remote control car for example, often have a power of about 2200 mAh and large ones of up to 13,000 mAh. The smallest capacity is roughly equivalent to the charging cycle of a current smartphone. However, the charger of the battery is internally limited, which affects the duration of the charging process.

Power banks generally have USB ports, but this does not mean that they cannot also be charged via a suitable battery charger cable via mains operation. This is often faster. Some power banks, similar to a mobile phone battery, show the remaining charge in percent, but more often this is signaled by small LEDs.

Differences in batteries: advantages and disadvantages of lipo batteries

Since rechargeable batteries are rechargeable batteries, manufacturers have developed very different types and types of batteries over the years. As is usually the case with mobile batteries, so-called lithium-ion batteries are used in power banks. A variant of these is the lipo battery. The lithium-polymer accumulator, also called the lipo battery, has some advantages. So these batteries keep the charge, even if the last charging cycle with a battery charger is a long time ago.

The number of possible charging cycles is also higher with this type than with comparable lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, both mobile phone batteries and external mobile phone batteries are often of this type. However, batteries do not always have to be large. For individual charging cycles of a smartphone, a small portable charger such as the MiPow Power Tube is sufficient.

What you need to consider when making power bank comparisons and buying advice

Purchase criteria

In the search for the best power bank, many consumers use tests and comparisons to inform themselves. But it is a fallacy to assume that a power bank test winner is definitely the best choice for you.

In an independent power bank comparison, the following information should always occur:


  • Size
  • Weight
  • Capacity (milliampere-hour, mAh)
  • Output power
  • Duration of the power bank charging
  • Interfaces
  • Compatible smartphones (for example, Apple iPhone / iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6s)
  • Equipment (bag, instructions, etc.)

Manufacturers’ information is not always correct

In battery pack comparisons 2022, the testers usually recommend an external battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh for versatile use. best off road rc car only then is it guaranteed that a power bank can be used for more than just your mobile phone. If you really only want to charge your smartphone and don’t have the opportunity to connect a corresponding battery charger on the go, even small, lightweight power banks such as the “Power Tube” are enough for you.

One problem, however, is that the performance specifications do not always correspond to reality. For this reason, some models fail battery pack tests.

Tip: To increase the durability of power banks, flat charging cycles are recommended. This means that a power bank should be recharged from about 20% and disconnected from the USB charger at about 80% charge.

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