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The setup process of a ij.start.cannon printer is usually, but the download and installation process can vary. Let’s start with your Canon printer model setup. To make the printer operate, remove the original packaging and take out the Canon model from it.

A model with a thin package made mostly out of plastic. You should remove any tape or plastic coating there may be on it. Use your inkjet printer to confirm the shipment’s components.

For instance, configure a CD for Windows and Mac computers and your power cable, find case cartridges and their manual online. Plug one end into the printed device and another into the power switch on the back of the printer to start the setup process.

Learn what you need to turn your printer on. Canon Inkjet Printer setup guide. Get ready to ink with a finely tuned setup. With simple steps that can be followed, making this process easy.

Drivers and software for ij.start.cannon Canon printers are available for download.

To download drivers for your canon driver download printers, visit this page. Close any other open programs on your computer, then use your browser’s default or go to others, like Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox. Access drivers and software for Canon printers. 2- Go to the website. To visit the site, go to the web address bar and enter “”.

That will take you to a site with drivers for Canon printers. Download drivers and software for Canon printers. Set up your printer in minutes. Once you click on this button, the next page will appear.

Here, you’ll have to choose from four options for what kind of content you would like to generate. ij.start.cannon website or app can be used to download software and drivers. 4- Download drivers and software for Canon inkjet printers.

Enter the product model name, like TS302 and click Go to view the printer model. You can also find your Canon product by scrolling down the page and clicking on Canon series. Where to download drivers for Canon printers. 5 ways to download drivers for Canon printer.

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Connecting a Canon ij.start.cannon to a Wireless Network

For best results, Wi-Fi or a wireless connection is recommended for connecting PC and your ij start cannon printer. It’s crucial for the wireless model to be installed on your IJ printer. Canon printer not connecting to wireless network. Connecting a Canon IJ Printer to a Wi-Fi Network. Some laptops require a push of a button before the device will turn on. Leaping through Network Security. The benefits of connecting a Canon IJ Printer to a wireless network. At this time, make sure your wireless router is working. Push the WPS button on the wireless router for a few seconds.

WPS PIN method to connect the network.

If your router does not have a WPS button, you can connect it manually with the WPS PIN. The manual connection does not require much effort as it requires simply choosing “Manual Connect” or “WPS PIN” from the list and pressing OK. When prompted for the password, you should know the password of the router connection and enter it on the Printer screen. If you input the correct password, press OK to finish connecting to your network.

IJ Start Canon Printer USB Cable Setup

In case your inkjet printer fails to connect wirelessly, or you don’t want a long process, then a USB cable set-up can work for you. You have to make sure the USB cable that you are using is 3 to 5 meters long. With that done, start Canon IJ Setup with the below steps;
Step 1: Keep your Canon printer turned on
Step 2: You can either insert the ij.start.cannon setup CD that came with your printer automatically or use the online drivers’ download method. Step 3: Insert the main cartridge for your specific Canon QL-8100 in the right place, matching any icons on the cartridge cover.
Step 3: Go to Canon printer support – http://ij.start.cannon
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