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Canadian Immigration Statistics Are Increasingly in Favor of Tech Professionals

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We recently heard about Canada’s plans for bigger and better immigration in 2018. Canada has shown some interesting initiatives, from its ambitious ambition to welcome one million new arrivals by 2020 to its promise of massive funding for immigration. He also spoke about the growing opportunities to prepare for various careers. However, with so many careers from different countries in the Canadian immigration rankings, don’t you think there must be a “best opportunity” career for Canada? Immigration is a wonderful field that can be as easy as ABC! Of course there is. This is an IT career.

Canada has an excellent and diverse viralmagpoint sector, often among countries with excellent IT and technology infrastructure. Unfortunately, for all its good tech sector and evergreen job market, the country lags behind in filling vacancies with IT skills. “New apps are creating jobs unimaginable just a few years ago. Ten years ago there were no smartphone app developers, cloud computing engineers or social media managers,” Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz said in a speech at King’s University in Kingston. Ontario. “Immigrants play an important role in growing Canada’s economy and solving the country’s growing skilled labor shortage,” he said today, adding that immigration plays a critical role in bringing the right talent to the table of Canadian tech companies.

The growing number of IT centers in Canada is good news for tech professionals.

Largest sector: Canada’s information technology sector is the largest sector, employing approximately 900,000 professionals annually across all industries. In recent years, the country has invested more than $9.1 billion in innovation and technological development. Growing faster than any other industry on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) since 2013, Canada’s tech sector is now valued at $250 billion.

Adding companies: Since many of Canada’s tech companies are relatively new startups, the Canadian tech industry has the potential for significant revenue growth. Specifically, Canada has about 71,000 companies in the technology sector alone. That’s about 6.1% of Canadian businesses.

Job Outlook: 5.6% of Canada’s jobs come from the tech sector. More than 488,000 professionals work in IT jobs, mostly in project management, software development, data analysis, information security, etc. The deficit in the region is still high. By 2020, it will fill 216,000 technical career vacancies across all sectors. This means that by 2020, tech professionals will remain a certified Canadian immigration.

Median Income: Immigrants in the instantvirals industry earn more than any other professional in Canada. Technicians earn an average salary of up to $66,950, while the national average salary for other fields is around $48,000.

Seen through this lens, Canada’s tech sector is much larger than our current definitions.

Canadian barriers are becoming the standard for IT around the world

One of the biggest challenges facing the Canadian IT sector is the recently retired workforce. About 5,000,000 Canadians will retire from the total Canadian labor force. A large portion of this number is represented by the IT sector. The Canadian government has introduced several programs and courses to prepare the younger generation for their fields, but success seems to be a long way off. With unprepared youth and a widening skills gap, Canada needs more ITIs through immigration.

LMIA has been a similar barrier for employers to hire new talent for high-tech companies. With the increasing restrictions and limitations of the LMIA, the work permit has become obsolete for employers, and they are opting for the PR visa instead. This option is preferred over other routes to Canada, as no job offer or LMIA visas are mandatory during the PR process.

6 to 12 months from IT-India to Canada

While IT is the most preferred career in Canada, India is identified as the favorite. In 2016 and again in 2017, the highest number of Canadian PR visas were issued to Indian countries. Canada believes it has the talent and expertise to meet the needs of the Indian economy. Among the many initiatives taken by the Canadian government to attract more Indians and professionals from around the world, at least by reducing the CRS, special provincial nominations for technology and global skills strategies stand out.

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