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U.S. doctors claim that research supports cannabis treatment in some pain management situations: “Most would admit there is reasonably strong evidence.”

Brittney Griner was sentenced Thursday to nine years in a Russian prison for smuggling marijuana into the United States. According to reports, Griner, aged 31, was found with hashish oil in her vape pen. Griner pleaded guilty in July to drug charges. She stated that she had received the cannabis from a doctor to treat pain.

What Was Brittney Griner’s Injury?

Yahoo!! Launched August 2021. Yahoo! News reported that Griner (centre for the Phoenix Mercury Women’s National Basketball Association) suffered a “left lateral foot sprain” in August 2021. It occurred with just over a minute and 38 seconds remaining in the game, in which Phoenix beat New York Liberty. According to the report, Griner had performed a “showcase” performance and then “appeared awkwardly while contesting an under-the-basket shot… and could have been heard on the broadcast in pain.” Diana Taurasi, head coach of the Phoenix Mercury Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), said Griner would be fine. It’s a rolled ankle, and we got BG back… she will be fine.”

Six months later, Griner was arrested in Russia for possessing hashish oil. Hashish, a concentrated cannabis oil, contains high amounts of THC. for more detail :

What Type Of Pain Can THC Be Used To Treat?

An ankle sprain is unlikely to cause chronic pain that warrants a prescription for THC. It is unclear if this is the injury Griner allegedly received a prescription for.

Even though medical cannabis administration is not recognized in Russia, U.S. pain management doctors speak out about the growing use of THC and its clinically proven efficacy for pain. Mark Wallace MD is the director of the University of California San Diego Division of Pain Medicine. He has studied THC for almost three decades and claims that he has incorporated it into all of the pain management protocols. To be clear, Dr Wallace does not recommend medical marijuana for pain relief. “Seven recent studies with THC at Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research demonstrated positive effects over placebo for reducing pain.” He says, “We do a dosing consultation with patients to ensure that we know what they’re using, how they use it, and how often.”

Thomas B. Strouse is a pain management specialist and Maddie Katz Professor of Palliative Care Research and Education, University of California, Los Angeles. Dr Strouse states that many people use cannabis to relieve pain in the U.S. “Most people would agree that there is reasonable evidence that cannabis can be used to treat chronic pain.

What Does THC Do To Relieve Pain?

Marian S. McDonough (Pharm.D.), emeritus professor in medical informatics at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, says that THC seems more effective in reducing pain. However, she adds: “We need research on products that can be found on dispensary shelves right here in the U.S.

Dr Wallace also stated that THC could improve sleep quality and can be used to treat chronic pain.

What Could Be The Origin Of Injuries In Female Athletes That Differ From Those Suffered By Male Athletes?

Len Glassman (CPT, CHN), a trainer, discusses how Griner’s injury can affect female athletes. Glassman says that women have more motion in their joints than men. “Women are more likely to sustain ankle sprains, foot injuries, or other problems that can cause foot and ankle pain,” Glassman says.

Dr Wallace recommends that anyone who is looking for relief from pain with cannabis, medical marijuana, THC or hashish should only take cannabis for this purpose under the supervision of a licensed health professional. He suggests that you start low and increase slowly.

Doctors also recommend that you pay attention to the state laws regarding medicinal cannabis use. Dr Strouse says, “Don’t take it to international airports or across state borders.”

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