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British National Overseas

British National Overseas
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The abbreviation for British National (Overseas) is BN(O). BN(O) is often associated with Hong Kong, a former British colony. This article will explain how to become a BN(O) and learn how to apply for a visa and passport. It also discusses whether or not you need a BN(O) visa for your travel. Having the right visa is essential for traveling abroad and working in the United Kingdom.


British National (Overseas) is the nationality of citizens living outside of the United Kingdom. Its name is an acronym for British National (Overseas), which is often associated with the former colony of Hong Kong. In fact, BN is one of the oldest passports in the world. Although the term BN has become common among the public, it still has a lot of ambiguity regarding its origins.

For the most part, a person can apply for a BN(O) visa if they are an adult and are not dependent on a BN(O) holder. They are considered dependents if they live in the same household with the BN(O) holder and meet certain residency requirements. However, the UK government has made it clear that a person can only apply if he or she is an adult and is a British national.

BN(O) passport

A British national overseas passport (also known as a BN passport) is a document issued to citizens of the United Kingdom and certain territories of the Commonwealth. These passports were established in 1987 following the Hong Kong Act 1985. These documents serve as legal proof of identity and are required for travel to any country in the world. They are an excellent way to show your loyalty to the United Kingdom while abroad. To obtain one, visit the British Consulate in your chosen country.

A nurse from Hong Kong recently moved to Nottingham, England to work at the University of Nottingham. She used a BNO visa to move to Britain during the U.K.’s coronavirus lockdowns and spoke anonymously to CNBC about her move. She did not want to be identified in case of backlash or suspicions from her new colleagues in Britain. She did not disclose the name of her employer or the nature of her new job.

BN(O) visa

A British national overseas visa is an entry requirement for visiting certain countries. The visa requirements are administrative and put into place by other states and territories. Several million people hold a British National (Overseas) passport, with a large proportion having ties to Hong Kong. This article outlines the visa requirements for visiting certain countries. It also explains where visas can be obtained and how to apply for them. After reading this article, you will be able to travel more freely!

A BN(O) visa entitles a British national to visit the UK and live and work there for a set period of time. A BN(O) visa holder is also allowed to bring their dependent family members (adult children born after 1 July 1997, or dependent partners), although this is not always possible. The Home Office will issue a BN(O) visa to dependent children under the age of 18 only in exceptional circumstances. In order to obtain a BN(O) visa for dependents, the British national must be a resident and reside in the same household.

BN(O) status

If you have British national overseas (BN(O)) status, you can live, study, work, and apply for a UK residence permit. You can settle in any area of the UK, but you will need support to integrate into the community. Several community development projects and opportunities are available. UK Welcome hub funding can support these initiatives. Here are some of them:

You will need to show that you are able to support yourself in the UK after a period of six months. This initial grant of leave does not include access to public funds. You can apply for settled status after five years, but you will not be able to use most of the UK’s public funds. If you wish to apply for BN(O) status, you must be able to meet the criteria laid down in the guidance.

Rights of BN(O) citizens in Hong Kong

People born in Hong Kong after the handover in 1997 are entitled to a new passport. John Major cited his continuing responsibilities towards the people of Hong Kong in a speech in the city in March 1996. Jonathan Dimbleby’s book, “The Last Governor,” argued that BN(O) had increased acceptance of migration from Hong Kong among UK allies. The law provides that British nationals can now apply for Hong Kong SAR passports.

The new policy is welcomed by many Hong Kong residents. It sends a clear message to the people of Hong Kong that they are welcome in the U.K. Prior to the announcement, the UK and China had exchanged memoranda stating that they would not confer the right to abode in the UK on Chinese nationals based in Hong Kong. The new policy aims to protect Hong Kong’s unique freedoms.

Rights of BN(O) citizens in Macau

The rights of BN(O) passport holders in Macau have long been a source of contention in Hong Kong. When Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1999, the British Government did not grant full citizenship rights to BN(O) passport holders. The British Government instead tried to exert pressure on Portugal and discourage Hong Kong residents from demanding full citizenship in the UK. The British Government feared that an overwhelming number of Hong Kong citizens would move to the UK if they could not get a full British passport.

However, if the Chinese government passes the new national security law, the UK government will consider other options to protect BN(O)s in the UK. Currently, BN(O)s from Hong Kong have the right to stay in the UK for six months. The UK government has taken such action because the new security law undermines existing legal commitments. Raab said that this would apply to all BN(O)s, not just those with a BN(O) passport. It is unclear exactly which BNOs will qualify, but the Home Office is expected to provide more information soon.

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