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Brake Checks: Who’s at Fault?

Brake Checks: Who's at Fault?
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Did another driver brake-check you, causing you to collide with his car? If so, you may be concerned about being blamed for the collision. In the event of a rear-end collision, most people immediately blame the driver who hit the back of the car, but what if it was actually an aggressive brake check that caused the collision?


It is reckless and unsafe to check your brakes. Some or all of the blame for this dangerous action can be placed on other drivers who brake check them. Even when drivers who brake check other drivers may appear to be at fault, establishing their liability can be very difficult. You won’t be able to hold the other motorist accountable unless you can show proof that they brake-checked you and brought about the collision.


When you have been involved in a brake check accident in Columbia, you should work with a trusted attorney. To understand better your legal options, get legal advice.


Brake checking: What Is It?

When a driver purposely slams on their brakes to frighten, annoy, or intimidate the driver behind them. In order to avoid being rear-ended, the driver who is the target of a brake check is frequently obliged to abruptly brake or swerve into a nearby lane.

Many times, the driver in the rear does not have enough time or space to manoeuvre and slams into the car in front of them. A brake check victim may not be able to stop in time due to traffic behind them. This might result in frustrating situations when both sides assert that they have been wronged and argue over who is to blame.


Drivers brake-check other motorists for the following main reasons:


  • Brake checking is common for irate or frustrated drivers to annoy or frustrate other road users. An angry motorist may elect to brake-check the car in front of them to prevent tailgating or express their fury in another way while they are in a rage on the road.


  • In the name of “fun” or “harmless” annoyance, irresponsible drivers will occasionally brake check other cars being driven by friends or family. Sadly, even when no malicious intent is present, this risky manoeuvre can still result in catastrophic collisions.


  • Insurance fraud – On occasion, motorists intentionally cause car accidents by slamming on the brakes. They anticipate being able to accuse the driver in the rear and recoup money from a phoney insurance payout.

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