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Blood in the Urine in Rabbits

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Hematuria in Rabbits

Hematuria refers to the existence of blood in urine. Although food colorings (i.e. ingredients of food or drinks consumed), as well as blood from female reproductive organs, may sometimes impart a red tint to urine, this shouldn’t be mistaken for true hematuria that is a sign of blood that originates from the urine stream.


Female rabbits, male rabbits and those who are middle-aged rabbits are all susceptible to developing hematuria. It can be due to kidney stones, bladder bacterial infections, or an increase in calcium levels in blood. Types Of Blue Birds  The most prevalent reason for hematuria in healthy females is the malfunction in the reproductive tract. The clotting disorder, coagulation or injury to the urinary tract, genitals or bladder can cause blood to form within the urinary tract.


Your doctor will need to rule out common reasons for the reddish urine, for instance, an underlying food trigger. Additionally, brown or discolored urine must be distinguished from true hemoturia. The analysis of urine components and blood will be carried out and tests performed to determine the presence of cancerous or calcium cells in blood.

Blood in the Urine in Rabbits

Should your medical professional suspect that the source of the blood could be in the bladder, like tumors or kidney obstruction, the endoscopy may be utilized to examine the bladder. This technique employs a tiny camera, which is connected by a flexible tube and is able to be inserted into the area to be assessed. The endoscope can be placed into the bladder by using the urinary tract via a cystoscope or through a tiny incision made within the abdomen. This way your doctor will be able to get an exact image of any obstructions or injuries. If needed you should take a tissue sample to be analyzed when a tumor is discovered.


True hematuria could be a sign of an underlying condition that requires immediate treatment. It’s possible that your rabbit lost blood via urine. If it’s severely anemic, a transfusion could be required. Hypercalciuria, on the other hand, necessitates a change in diet and adjustments of the surroundings. If your rabbit is showing discomfort, pain medication can be administered to lessen inflammation. Fluids are given to treat dehydration. urinary stones in the kidney require surgical removal.

Living and Management

If the initial treatment eliminated the cause of hematuria, your vet is likely to schedule another follow-up appointment to observe your rabbit’s reaction to treatment. Birds Of New York  Examinations in the laboratory, physical examinations and radiographic as well as ultrasonic examinations are required when your veterinarian is looking for any signs of complications or recurrences of anemia or urinary tract obstruction as well as kidney dysfunction.

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