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Best Time To Do Kedarkantha Trek- Season Wise

Kedarkantha trek
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Kedarkantha is one of the top mountain peaks in the Himalayan regions in Uttarakhand, India. Kedarkantha Trek is one of the maximum famous wintry weather treks amongst all of the treks. Trekking in Kedarkantha is feasible during the year. 

Its maximum altitude is about 12,500 ft.

Trekking days- 6

We will see season-wise which season would be the best season for trekking in Kedarkantha.

Trekking In Winter

The Winter season would be the most suitable season for trekking in Kedarkantha. The reasons for trekking in the season of winter are:-

Snow till the month of April

The snowfall starts here from the month of mid-December to the third week of April. People will cross the snowfall only when they cross the 10000 feet which are lying on the floor of the forest among the amazing pine trees. When people reach the meadows then they will see the huge blanket of snow around them.

Wonderful Campsites 

Kedarkantha trek offers wonderful campsites in the Himalayas. Every campsite is unique and amazing in its own way. The campsite of Kedarkantha is on the open meadows having snow peaks all around. The amazing Juda Ka Talab campsites are surrounded by wonderful pine trees. Hargaon campsite is also surrounded by wonderful oak and pine trees. Camping here will be a thrilling and amazing experience.

Drive-In Himalayas 

The drive from the Kedarkantha will take us to beautiful places like Mussoorie, Nowgaon, Purola, Mori and Natwar. The route will be remote and the drive would be the most wonderful and amazing drive in the Himalayas.

Walking In The Carpet Of Brown Leaves

The trek starts from the dense pine forests

 The route will be covered with brown leaves. It will sound crunchy when we walk through it.

People Will See The Snow Peaks All-Around

This is the main reason to do trekking in Kedarkantha in the winter season. People will see the Snow peaks from the base camp of Kedarkantha. People will also be able to see the magnificent mountain summits. 

Trekking from the month of December to January, the temperature of this place during the day would be 13 to 18 degrees and at night the temperature would drop to -7 degrees.

Trekking From March To May

The temperature of this place during the day would be 16 to 20 degrees and at night the temperature would drop to 3 to 4 degrees. If there is snowfall then the temperature falls to 0 degrees also.

If we consider that the snow will be there in the month of March then our holidays become marvellous.

Difficulty Level Of The Trek

The difficulty level of this trek would be easy to moderate. But it becomes difficult in the season of winter. The trail of the trek would be slippery and icy. The most important things to carry in this trek are I’d proof, torch & backup batteries, comfortable trekking shoes, binoculars, cameras, adequate food & water, energy drinks,An extra set of clothes, toiletries, sunglasses, moisturisers, and a first-aid kit are all recommended.


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About The Trek

Day 1-

Go to the base camp Sankri.

Time took- 4 hours

The distance will be 220 km.

Day 2-

From Sankri to the Juda Ka Talab campsite

Time took- 5 hours

The distance will be 4 km.

Day 3-

From Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha base

Time took- 2.5 hours

The distance will be 4 km.

Day 4-

From Kedarkantha base to the Kedarkantha Peak, Hargaon camp

Time took- 6 to 7 hours

The distance will be 6 km.

Day 5-

From Hargaon camp to Sankri

Time took- 4 hours

The distance will be 6 km.

Day 6-

From Sankri to Dehradun

Time Taken- 10 to 11 hours

The distance will be 220 km.


So here is the information about the best time to do the Kedarkantha trek. It will be an amazing experience. This trek is easy so the beginners can also do this trek easily without having any deep knowledge or experience about it. This trek is very adventurous, dangerous and inspiring. All of us, at once must visit the place to venturing beautiful scenic views.

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