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Beauty tips: How to use the primer for your face

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How do you use the primer on your face? The saying, “Who gets off to the right start is half of the battle”, may be applicable in any aspect of your daily life. It happens all the time that we make perfect makeup and end up not getting what we expected.


What is the face primer?

The face primer plays a crucial role in make-up’s success, whether it is simple or complex. You may also like to know about the Best Primer For Large Pores And Acne Scars. The face primer is usually a cream or gel product that is applied before applying make-up. This is especially important in hot seasons where sweat can make it difficult to apply the trick and cause it to run.

However, the face primer does more than just provide a base function for make-up to last and be uniform. In some cases, it can also serve as an individual application to give your skin a natural look without adding weight.


Application: How to use the primer for your face

Face primer is similar to any moisturizer in terms of drafting. It should be applied all over the skin including the eye contour and with your fingertips to the most troubled areas.

You must wait until the primer dries completely before you apply the foundation.



Face primer is a must-have for anyone who’s getting ready to go out. When is the best time to use it? After applying the moisturizer, and before applying the foundation. These cosmetics can still be used with a primer, despite their moisturizing and uniforming actions.

It all comes down to habit. Applying the primer is an easy operation that you can incorporate into your daily routine. You only need to make sure you spread it evenly on your face. If you are unable to do so, wait for it to dry before applying makeup.


What are the different types of primers for your face?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing primers. Not only is there not one type of primer, but also different types of primers depending on the skin type and problems. Based on this, two families can be distinguished: the skincare primers which treat skin issues that could affect the makeup’s performance, and the beauty primers which highlight the skin.



A silicone primer, which has a silicone consistency. Its main purpose is to keep excess sebum production at bay. This makes it great for combination skin or oily skin.


It has a thicker texture than other primers. This is because it fills in the skin gap caused by imperfections such as large pores, scarring, expression lines, and post-acne scarring. This primer needs to be applied with care. Use your fingertips to spread it evenly and make the complexion uniform. Next, use a sponge to apply the foundation.


It is suitable for combination and dry skin types.


It is another type that is suitable for combination and dry skin. It has an oily consistency which allows for easy absorption. This makes it ideal for layering make-up and for maintaining a comfortable dry result for those with lipid deficiencies.


A primer for every problem

There are also “classic” primers. But, beauty primers contain pigments. These primers are usually sold in liquid form. Their main function is to correct or enhance the skin’s color contrast.


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