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Are MMA boxing gloves designed for a heavy bag?

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Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the right boxing equipment, most people make the mistake of choosing the wrong kinds of boxing gloves for a heavy bag workout. There are specific gloves designed for this purpose that allow you to work on your punching and grappling skills. Such gloves are made with thinner padding than normal boxing gloves, which allows you to perform such movements freely. Normally these MMA gloves aren’t worn with hand wraps either.

An MMA athlete and or a fighter looking to cut down on fats and increase endurance must always add the heavy bag workout in their daily routine; nevertheless, they should protect themselves with proper boxing gloves specific for bag work. 

Our experts at Wholesale Boxing Gear believe a heavy bag workout is the toughest workout, yet the most rewarding. Just think about going on a fifty-kilogram bag, with the correct posture and stance, that too with full intensity for a 3 minute non-stop session; tough, right? However, working out on an MMA bag is the perfect way to improve your power punches and build endurance. 

Buy Custom Boxing Gloves

When you buy boxing gloves for a specific sport, you need to keep in mind the different kinds of variants and their sport-specific uses. A common error that most athletes make is thinking that they can use any MMA glove on the heavy bag – this isn’t true!

There can be serious implications of using ordinary gloves for heavy bag workouts. Be it substantial injuries to the athlete’s hands, wrists or knuckles. It is important to remember that, unlike gloves specifically built for heavy bags, the MMA gloves have very thin padding. Additionally, MMA gloves also do not come with increased length – that is otherwise provided by the wrist straps – for improved stabilization and protection for your wrists in case you execute a wrong strike. 

Specifically, heavy bag gloves are densely padded and mostly offer optimum hand and knuckle protection alongside added wrist support. 

MMA Gloves

Lately, a new type of MMA glove has been introduced to the market for bag training sessions. These variants have gel inserts that are best for this purpose yet have their limitations. Other than the gel padding, these variants come with extra-long wrist supports, so that’s always a plus to have in training gloves. 

When all is done and dusted, there are only a few best gloves intended for bag training. These variants offer a comprehensive level of safety while training on a bag, which is somewhat comparable to the sturdy range of heavy bag gloves. 

Boxing Gloves Price 

Prices for different types of gloves vary depending on their quality, type, and usage. So there is no solid indication of quality when it comes to boxing gloves price tags. However, it is largely seen that gloves on a higher price spectrum tend to have  better quality materials and are more durable than lower price variants. 

Heavy bag training is an amazing workout régimen, aiding to build an MMA athlete’s endurance as well as their punching power. It is crucially important to use proper boxing equipment for every sport you intend to participate in. Similarly, you need proper gear for a good and safer heavy bag workout session. Building on that, the MMA gloves are the least suitable gear choice for a heavy bag workout. 

An athlete needs thick padded heavy bag gloves, which are specifically built to be used for a heavy bag session and protect your hands/wrists from the constant impact force of the punches. Additionally, the heavy bag gloves should mostly be used with proper hand wraps, as they are perfect for providing added protection to the knuckles and writs area and save them from getting bruised or getting cuts. 

Despite being designed for a boxing ring, training gloves can be and are used for hitting a heavy bag. The design and construction of MMA boxing gloves with training in mind make them ideal for this purpose. When it comes to the actual experience of using these two types of gloves, both have advantages and disadvantages for a serious trainee to consider. 

MMA gloves are made to protect fighters from smaller strikes – not the larger slugging kind that heavy bags typically produce. Fighters who only train with heavy bags need to be careful and purchase special boxing gloves for punching a heavy bag.

Although boxing gloves are best for heavy bags, MMA (mixed martial arts) gloves are recommended for lighter bags because they allow you to feel the bag better. Ideally, you should wear MMA gloves when working out on your heavy bag. However, you should also make sure that your hands and wrists stay up when throwing punches or performing power moves. This may be true with boxing gloves as well.


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