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Astronomy and Astrology: An explanation of the difference between them!

Astronomy and Astrology difference
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Astrology and astronomy both refer to the cosmos. These terms were not used together in the beginning. Later, however, they were separated. It is a pseudoscience that uses the scientific movement and significance of celestial bodies to divinity meaning and importance in one’s life. Astronomy, on the other hand, is a natural science that studies stars, planets, and other phenomena related to the universe.

Astronomy History

Astrology and astronomy are also concepts that date back several thousand years. This is why both concepts are often confused and believed to be one in the same. Astronomy, in essence, is the study of stars and planets using mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Astronomy is a general term that refers to the study of objects beyond planet Earth. These include the Kuiper Belt comets and the Jupiter moons, as well as invisible black holes, cosmic microwave background, and far-flung galaxies.

Astrophysics is responsible for the most recent studies in astronomy. There are also observational and hypothetical branches to this well-known domain. These fields are interrelated because computers and the analysis of data are essential to support observations of distant stars, galaxies, and comets. Astronomy is one of the most fascinating scientific fields. It has taught us a lot about our galaxy and cosmos and more about life on Earth and its origin.

Astrology History

Astrology’s original official record is approximately 4000 to 5 000 years old. It is clear that stars and planets had an impact on early human civilizations. Before they could use words to describe galaxies and meteors, there was a strong conviction that these heavenly bodies had some connection to their lives. Everyone from the Mayans and ancient Chinese to the Arab and Greek empires attributed special importance to the heavenly bodies’ position.

After a while, Astrology became a more serious conviction. It forecasted the movements and studied their relative positions. Astrology experts could use this information to predict future events, for themselves and others. Astrology is directly linked to our Kundli or horoscopes, and the basic persona of an astrologist is based upon their star sign.

Types Of Astronomy

Stellar Astronomy

This is the study and analysis of the sun and stars. Stargazing experts analyze the birth of stars, their development over time, and what elements they contain.

Observational astronomy

This type of astronomy is all about the heavenly bodies and their astronomical apparatuses. To understand the physical processes that lead to the appearance of supernovas and variable stars, the practitioners of observational Astronomy use complex computer models.

Planetary Astronomy

This branch of astronomy studies planets and planetary objects such as comets and asteroids. Experts in planetary astronomy study the planet’s atmospheres and exteriors. They examine the requirements of planetary life to create new planets.

Types Of Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, also known as Hindu astrology or Indian astrology, is a form of Indian astrology that dates back nearly 4000 to 5 000 years. Vedic astrology in modern times is used to predict success in business, marriage and other daily aspects of life. The 12 zodiac signs in western Vedic Astrology are the same.

Relationship Astrology

This is a form of natal astrology. This astrology branch focuses on the compatibility of individuals. Although it does not have to be romantic, this branch of astrology is the most popular.

Medical Astrology

The most complex branch of astrology, medical astrology, is out there. It is important to keep track of when someone falls ill. If you don’t have a chart prepared, it is important to keep track of the date and the time to allow an astrologer to see it and create a chart.


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