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All you need to know about entry and exit cards access systems in Utah

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The pandemic is wearing off but its effects can still be noticed. One of these effects is the increasing rate of crime. Because of this, most businesses have sought different ways to keep their workplaces secure and accessible to only clients and officials.

To prevent an intruder from going into an office that is not admissible to visitors, most businesses make use of the entry and exit card access systems. This system ensures that all important doors are locked except an entry or exit card is used.

we have two types of key cards

Magnetic keycards

Magnetic keycards contain a magnetic strip which is similar to the one in credit cards. To open a door, the magnetic keycard is swiped across a card reader which denies or allows access depending on the authenticity of the card and the programming of the card reader.

Proximity keycards

Instead of the car readers, proximity key cards are assessed using an RFID signal which can be used from a far distance. if the card is authentic, its owner is allowed access to the required office or room.

Now that you know the types of cards in exit/entry card systems in Utah, why would you install one in your business place?. To convince you, here are some of the benefits of entry and exit card access systems in Utah

Benefits of Entry/ Exit card access systems

1. Easy access for all employees

With an entry/exit card access system at your business place, your employees can have easy access to different offices without compromising security. All you need to do is have the system installed and ensure all important personnel get a card. However, what stops an intruder from using a stolen card? the next benefit would tell us more

2. The use of these cards can be tracked

In the case of a theft, you can easily locate the intruder by tracking what card was used, where it was used and who used it. To find an intruder, all you need to do is check the security camera installed close to where the card was used. While this does not stop an intruder from using a stolen card, it ensures that the intruder does not go Scot free.

3.You don’t have to carry a bunch of keys around

With one keycard, you can give yourself and your employers access to any room or place in the organisation. No more carrying a bunch of keys, no more having to worry about a lost key. With one key card, you can open all doors when you install any of the exit and entry card access systems in Utah


Why have a bunch of keys when a keycard can do all the work?. Remember the world is changing and you don’t have to be stuck in the past. With the advancement in technology today, you can place your home and business place on a secure lock with an entry/exit card access system in Utah

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