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Air Handler Unit: How it Works, Common Issues & Solutions

air handler unit
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An air handler unit is a part of your heating and cooling system. It is found in the basement or attic, but it can be anywhere in the house. Its job is to move air throughout your home and it does this by circulating them. They are vulnerable to many problems like dust.

An air handler unit sends heated and cooled air to your home. The blower fan is a big part of the system. The fan pushes conditioned airflow through supply ducts in every room and back into the return duct system at your furnace or AC coil. It does this until the temperature on the thermostat changes, or if there is a problem with your furnace or AC unit.

The air handler unit is something you find in houses with forced air heating and cooling systems. These systems use ducts to circulate conditioned (heated or cooled) air throughout your house. Their vulnerability is a range of issues. In this blog, I will explain how the air handler unit works and what some of the common problems they face are as well as how you can fix these problem(s).

When the thermostat says it is hot, the blower fan will move air to cool you. When it is cold, the blower fan will move air to warm you.

Functioning Details

Single-zone systems use the furnace blower to turn the fan. Two-speed condensing units have a smaller electric motor that will turn on when it is hotter than degrees Fahrenheit. This type of system works for certain types of furnaces and AC units, as well as specific climate conditions like extremely humid areas where humidity can affect air quality inside your home.

Air Handler Unit systems can have a lot of problems. Dirty or clogged filters, frozen coils, and high indoor humidity levels are some of these problems. You can prolong the life of your Air Handler Unit by following simple maintenance guidelines.

If your home or office is in an area with high levels of humidity, you should buy a dehumidifier to take away the moisture. Remember to drain the water outside so you don’t have mold in your walls and near air vents.


Keep Your Filters Clean

Additionally, you should always keep your filters clean. This helps the air to flow through equipment. But if there is dirt on the filter, it will not work as well and cause problems for your HVAC system. If you replace them, make sure they fit tightly without leaving any gaps or holes.

A typical air handler unit includes an outside condenser, compressor, and inside evaporator coil. It also has supply ducts and a blower to move the air around your home.

If there is no blower, the unit will not work. This means that the motor could break and not turn anymore. If you don’t have a blower, one needs to be put in as soon as possible. It should be installed by an HVAC professional at Le High HVAC because they know best what kind of blower would work best with your home’s needs.

When there is a leak in the air handler, it can cause problems for the system. The humidity level will get too high when humidity gets in. You should be careful to check your outside for leaks or cracks

If you take care of it, your house will last a long time without any problems. I never had an issue with mine until about three years ago when my neighbor’s tree fell on top of it during a storm. This broke one of its components so if anything happens to yours, please contact us as soon as possible.

Air handler units are the most important unit of HVAC. They regulate temperature levels in buildings and they make sure that humidity levels are low enough not to cause discomfort but also high enough to prevent fire hazards by excess moisture accumulation.

Individualized Temperature Control

HVAC systems have been used for many years. They can provide individualized temperature control while using less energy than other types of heating systems such as electric heaters or furnaces.

The air handler unit is a device that improves the climate in a building. It also provides ventilation. Air handlers are sometimes called “building service equipment” (BSE). You should know that not all homes have an air handler.

Air handler units are found in large buildings. They can be in offices, schools, hospitals, or hotels. This article will tell you more about air handler units and how they work.

If you run a fan when it is hot, the air will be cold. The air is cool because it gets cooler. This happens because the air takes away heat from inside the house and gives it to you. When this happens, we can feel better during hot weather months (because of evaporative cooling).

In other places, people use machines to keep their house cold. They don’t need the weather to do it.

Both devices make use of the same principle: they take advantage of the fact that water vapor is a natural byproduct of human respiration.

When you buy an HVAC system, think about how it can help you. You should also think about the indoor air quality inside your house. This is especially important when you live in a colder climate or if many people live in one room.

Make the Right Choice

However, it is also important for people with a home to understand the difference between conventional central AC and evaporative cooling systems like swamp coolers. By knowing this, they can make the right choice for them and get the best product.

When people see a new AC unit from the outside, they might think it is beautiful. But they also need to know what is on the inside. People who have been in business for a long time say that when they open up an AC unit, they find things like coils and fans.

No matter how careful you are, things can go wrong with your product. Some problems don’t show up until a long time after the installation and use of your unit. This is why it’s important to pick a company that will take care of any problems that happen and to also do regular maintenance on the unit.

Jake is in the HVAC industry, and has worked with top appliance manufacturers. He likes furnishing homes with heating and cooling systems.



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