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A pair of birds can have many nest sites in the wild

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A pair of birds can have many nest sites in the wild. The house hunting will continue until both birds are satisfied with their choice. If you have enough space and logs or nest boxes that are suitable, offer the birds more than one nest. They might prefer a different nest box or log. After a pair accepts a nest box as theirs, they can keep it for their exclusive use. Bluebird Meaning  This will reduce the possibility of parasites and pathogens being transferred between birds or pairs. If a bird becomes ill, throw out or destroy the nest box. If a bird becomes ill, it is very difficult to sterilize the timber nest box.

Although nest boxes made of metal

or plastic can be used successfully, they can also cause problems when heated or cold is applied to them. They are not able to absorb excess moisture and can become unusable. The surfaces of metal and plastic are often very smooth, and it is difficult for young and old to grip the material.

Smooth surfaces can make it difficult for birds to enter or leave the nest. Insufficient nest material can cause problems for the young, as they may not be able get enough grip on the base of the nest and could end up with leg or foot problems.

Nest inspections. Nest boxes/logs should be placed so that nest inspections can be done from outside of the aviary. Nest inspection should be done only when the adult birds have left the nest. This will avoid disturbing the nest or causing damage to the eggs or young birds. The nest inspection must be done from within the aviary. Birds will normally retreat to the nest to protect eggs and young. The nest can be damaged if there are two birds that are aggressive. 

Nest boxes can be horizontal or very near

horizontal. Birds can easily walk to the eggs by climbing into the nest. This reduces or eliminates the chance of large birds jumping from the entrance hole onto eggs or young, and causing damage to them. MORE INFORMATION REQUIRED

Nest material Large species of macaws and cockatoos love to create their nest material from short pieces of softwood. The nest will be filled with short, batten-like pieces wood that can be broken down into the desired size by the birds. Keepers may place small chunks of pine bark or wood in the nest to allow the birds to chew the desired size. The nest will not be ready for eggs if it contains large chunks of wood or rough wood chips. It may be beneficial for the birds to take extra time to reduce the material to a manageable size in order to improve their breeding cycle and increase the number of fertile eggs.You can also use coarse wood shavings, non-toxic saw dust and/or peatmoss.

Feeding / Diet

Macaws, parrots and finches, as well as other bird species, like a routine. They enjoy a consistent “breakfast” and other feeding times throughout the day. Birds will be happier if they have a consistent, predictable diet. Sudden changes in a bird’s diet may cause digestive problems. Any young birds that have fledged recently or are nesting can experience digestive problems if there is a sudden change in their diet. To avoid boredom, the foods must be varied in order to accommodate seasonal availability. You can gradually introduce new foods.

You don’t have to place all the feeds

in the same spot (in the food bowl). You can place fruits, nuts, berries, etc. in different areas of the aviary. This will require the birds to spend time looking for them. Birds naturally find hidden food items in nature. This is why it’s so mentally and physically challenging for them to find them. Birds That Talk  Make sure that perishable fruits, vegetables and berries have been eaten.

It is important to remove any unopened perishable food on a daily basis. You can offer whole fruits and vegetables to birds, as well as smaller pieces. Larger parrot-type birds may enjoy eating whole fruits and whole vegetables. This is how they get most of their vegetables and fruits in the wild.

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