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A Guide to Choosing Wedding Suits for Men

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It is the dream of every man to have wedding suits that are designed to their style and taste. Whether it is your wedding day or you are preparing to attend a special event, you must look and feel at your absolute best. For instance, with Bespoke wedding suits for grooms, you can experience the satisfaction of having a suit made the way you want it; from the finest fabrics to the buttonholes.

When deciding on the type of wedding suit you want, it’s best not to settle on just the personal style but also on the type of wedding you are attending. In this guide, you will find the most popular styles of wedding suits for men that you can choose for a wedding.

#1. Formal Style

If the level of formality of your wedding is very high, then you may want to consider wearing an elegant wedding suit with a matching waistcoat under it. This combination makes it a perfect groom attire for a wedding with a white tie dress code.

One popular formal wedding suit is the tuxedo, which any man can wear for black tie events. Tuxedos have elegant satin details on both their jackets and trousers and can be worn with a white dress shirt and a bow tie. Ensure you choose a wedding tuxedo style that best matches the color of the day.

#2. Semi-formal Style

From the name, you can tell that semi-formal men’s wedding suits and tuxedos are a bit more relaxed than formal wedding suits. If the wedding has a semi-formal dress code, you can go for a dark-colored suit with a dress shirt and a tie. You can also decide to wear a quality vest if you have to.

#3. Beach Style

A lot of couples are going to beach weddings today because they are not only romantic but very popular. If you are planning to walk down the aisle with your future bride on a beach, you need the right color of wedding suit. The most popular colors for beach wedding attires are sand or wheat, but you can always go with a different color if necessary.

#4. Casual Style

Casual attire can be misinterpreted as day-to-day wear. However, a casual wedding suit for men is still a suit. You have the right to choose from different colors and patterns.

Color of the Wedding Suit

Choosing a color for your wedding suit color can be quite difficult. Luckily, some guidelines can help you make the right decision. A themed wedding will always have a choice color palette, however, depending on how bold you are, you can decide to use colorful accessories that will match the theme.

  • If the theme has to do with a classic look, then your best option should be either a black or navy wedding suit.
  • If you plan on going for a less formal but rather unconventional wedding, you can choose to wear your wedding attire with a colorful jacket that matches your suit.

Size of the Wedding Suit

Not all men have the same body shape and size, which means the same type of men’s wedding suits and tuxedos will look different on different men. For this reason, you should choose a wedding suit based on what kind of suit best fits your body type. When you pick the right suit fit for you, whatever style the wedding suit is, will fit you well.

Fabric Type of the Wedding Suit

It is important to always feel comfortable in your wedding suit. For this reason, you need to choose the fabric of the suit by the season in which the wedding is held.

You should wear thick fabrics for weddings holding in the fall and winter periods, to keep you warm. Also note that the hotter the weather becomes, the thinner and more breathable the fabric of the wedding suit should be.


Now that you have the complete style guidebook for choosing the perfect bespoke wedding suits for grooms. You no longer have to worry about making the right choice of what to wear for your special occasion. Make the right choice for better memories.

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