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A Comprehensive Guide on Jumbo Senegalese Twist

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Senegalese twists have become the modern-day style that has gained a new spotlight. Basically, Senegalese twists are known as rope twists or knotless box braids. This protective hairstyle is known for its durability and lustrous finish. While you can create this style using natural hair braids, many women prefer to add extensions to this hairdo.

If your scalp tends to be more sensitive to tension, or if you prefer to carry a more realistic look, these knotless braids are worth trying. We have designed a complete guide on these Senegalese twists, from installation to upkeep! So, let’s get started.

    • How are Jumbo Senegalese Twists Installed? 

Jumbo Senegalese twists are created by wrapping the hair braids of your choice around the root of your natural hair. Further, using the two-strand twist method, the hair is twisted vertically from your root to the end of your hair shaft.

While the extension hair used for Senegalese twists is created using synthetic jumbo braiding hair. However, some may choose to use human hair for their extensions. However, it depends entirely on person to person. You can ask your braiding specialist for the one that you like.

If you are looking for a more natural-realistic look at the root, try knotless braids. These knotless box braid installations wrap extension hair around your strands at the core to create a knotted effect. Knotless braids involve weaving braiding hair into your natural hair as you braid in a flat formation. 

It is advisable to visit a braiding salon with professional and experienced braiders. After all, they can ensure you achieve your desired results in no time.

    • Benefits of Getting Jumbo Senegalese twists

You might have seen celebrities or any random person with these pretty jumbo Senegalese twists, but little do you know what wonders it can actually do to your hair. Take a look at the following benefits of getting these knotless box braids. 

    • They are Versatile

Senegalese twists are incredibly versatile! Its versatility allows you to wear these twists straight down, in a bun, in a half-up bun, in braided crowns, and in many more creative styles, you like.

    • They are Low Maintenance

Senegalese twists are also low maintenance. The care for them is pretty simple! All you need to do is to clean and moisturize your scalp regularly. Wearing a silk and satin bonnet to sleep will avoid fizziness. However, you can ask a braiding specialist for a consultation to keep your braids looking fresh and healthy.

    • They promote Hair Growth

Senegalese twist is a protective hairstyle and a great way to promote your natural hair growth. If you properly maintain your twists, they can last for roughly three months, allowing your hair to grow about 1 ½ inches before taking them down.

    • Length Retention Options

When it comes to appearance, most women prefer to wear jumbo Senegalese twists at or below shoulder length with a medium thickness. However, ultimately, Senegalese twists can vary in both size and thickness.

A Side Note: many women like to play around with color when getting Senegalese twists. Thus, you can feel free to ask your braiding specialist for pastel hues and rainbow braids if you love to switch things up with your hairstyle! 

    • Tips to Prepare Your Hair for the Installation

Now that you know the incredible benefits of getting Senegalese twists, you might be willing to get them installed by an expert super soon. However, to begin, you must follow a few basic tips to ensure a smooth installation process for getting knotless box braids.

    • Make sure your hair is growing at least 3/4 inch of your hair length. This will further prevent your hair from damaging when the braider grabs them for the process. 
    • Clean your hair by moisturizing with a sulfate-free and natural shampoo to protect against damage. 
    • You can apply a detangling hair care product and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair beforehand. 
    • You can gently stretch your hair overnight to prepare for a Jumbo Senegalese twist
    • Apply a tiny amount of hair milk or leave-in conditioner. 
    • Avoid using excess oil or leave-in conditioner to make the braider work harder.

The Final Thought

Bring your hair to the next level with the unique and elegant Senegalese twists. This protective hairstyle will create knotless box braids look that will shield against styling heat, over manipulation, and the environment, keeping your hair luscious and healthy.  

Consult the best braiding salon to book your appointment with an experienced and professional braider.

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