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6 Benefits of Blogging that helps Business to Get Instant Success

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Blogging plays an important role especially when the desired goal is to promote or market anything with its help. If you want to do blogging but you are lacking in writing skills then it is recommended that you should immediately start learning how to write and how to do blogging. 

Before starting blogging you should have a good command of writing. For this purpose, you can choose Wikipedia too. Either start editing other’s already published content or create your own fresh content. Both are effective ways and will bring a lot of confidence to you and make you feel optimistic as a writer. To create your own content on Wikipedia at first you will have to create a Wikipedia profile

In case you are already well aware of writing then now is the time to move to the benefits of blogging for startups.

It helps drive traffic to your website.

Blogging attracts and influences readers. If you are well aware of the prerequisites of blogging then you will definitely win the traffic driving game on your website. You should incorporate keywords in your blogs so that whenever any person searches for that specific keyword, the algorithm will take him to your blog. To get a better reach you need to promote it through social media.

You can repurpose blog content for social media.

Your hard work will not get wasted and you can use the same blog content for the purpose of social media marketing. Yes, you read that right. If you want to use social media for marketing purposes then you can copy your own blog post which you wrote for your website and can directly post it on your social media handle. Moreover, in order to drive more audience to your website you can also attach your website link to the social media post.

It helps convert traffic into leads.

Blogs are able to convert your traffic into potential leads. Obviously, once a reader reads and likes your blog, he will definitely come again and there will be a time when this online traffic will generate leads for you. AS a blogger you have got so many chances to generate new leads, especially with the help of an index page. The foremost thing you should do is to add call-to-action buttons on your website frequently. Especially on the index page and on the last page of your website. By doing this, visitors will come to your website, click on CTA and approach you directly.

Blogging helps with link building.

With the help of blogs, you can build links effectively. It helps in making your website notable in Google’s view. You can either add external links to your blogs or internal links too. Make sure the websites you attached for the link-building purpose must be credible and are not dummy sites. You can instantly link your authoritative websites. They are really very helpful in showing that your content is credible and authentic.

It drives long-term results.

It is not a one-time thing, it will definitely help you in the future and helps you in driving out long-term results. Writing a blog is a one-time effort you will continuously get revenues whenever it ranks. Whenever your blog reaches a certain point in traffic generation, it will automatically generate revenue. It is a very good example of passive income in which you are only required to do a one-time effort.

It helps you share company news.

Blogging lets you share your company’s news instantly. You can make your audience well aware of the services of your company as well as the ongoing trends related to your industry. Blogs are not only articles but also updates that focus on the future plans of the company.

Why does a startup fail?

Have you ever thought that despite having good office settings, and huge investments why some startups still fail?

As per the stats taken from Statista below are a few main reasons. Do give it a good read in case you are going to start any business or have already started.


As you have read the above stats show certain factors due to which startups fail more often. Now it is necessary for you to make strategies in order to overcome those shortcomings if they happen to you at any point while starting up any business. 

Final words

As you have already gone through the benefits of blogging for startups, it is recommended to start it right now in order to get instant success. However, it is also important to keep the above-mentioned stats in your mind that depict why startups usually fail in order to make sure that you will not repeat those mistakes if you own a startup and are thinking of starting any.

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