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5 Types Of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is the new thing these days. Nobody knew 10 years ago that would be used to boost their business. The reasons behind it are the innovation in technology and the use of technology these days. Digital marketing does not cost much as compared to traditional marketing methods. The most important and good part of digital marketing is that it is a cost-effective way of promoting a business. Wikipedia Page Creation can also be used as a tool for digital marketing.


Digital marketing has a lot of categories. Let’s dive into the details.


Search engine marketing

This is effective in using PPC and SEO. The aim of all the businesses operating online is to generate traffic on the site to gain revenue. This could be done by using SEO and PPC. The traffic generated is organic. Various SEO strategies are applied to bring the website on top in the SERPs.



The most important factor in search engine marketing is the keywords. Any business trying t optimize SEM should look for keywords or phrases related to their business. These should be the high-frequency keywords used by the prospects to search for the business. Google Keyword Planner tool can be used to find them out.


Search engine optimization is the most popular thing today. The various search engines like Google, and Bing is used to search for products and services online by the consumers. When a keyword or query is typed the search engines show many pages. But only the first page appears on the screen that has ten spots. To get discovered by the clients, it is important to get to this page. Consumers usually click the links on the first page. Nobody cares and visits the second page. This is why SRO is important for a business. It takes time to bring the website o top through SEO.



Search engines use this form of advertising. This is also a way to reach the search engine pages. The ads can be posted on these pages and if it is clicked the account is charged. The cist depends on the selected keyword competition. The quality of the website also matters in this regard. Deals are shared through PPC. Usually, Google has 4 spots for Ads. This is why it could be a little difficult to get them.


An effective way of doing it is to bid on the selected keywords. This is how these spots can be reached. Google AdWords can be used to look for the keywords crucial for the business. It will help you in finding the keywords that will help the business do well in the competition.


Social media marketing

As the name suggests, social media marketing is used to market through social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the platforms commonly used for this purpose. These platforms can help in reaching potential customers. Ecommerce businesses can do well through Instagram by marketing themselves on the platform. It is a platform for visual purposes.


Target ads can be used to increase the reach of the business. Facebook took all the relevant details from the prospects like age, location, gender, interests, and dislikes. This information helps in creating targeted as for the prospects. The ads created can then be shared to promote the business.


Content marketing

This strategy is used to market the business through content. Blog posts, videos, infographics, and images are used to do this. The goal here is to provide information to the prospects and increase their knowledge. After reading the unique content, customers trust the business a lot. It is a creative way to sell the products to the business. A loyal consumer base is built by using the content you have created for the business.



Technology has introduced new ways for businesses to operate. It is now the best way to reach potential customers. It provides all the business the visibility that it wishes for. From sales, awareness, and loyal to brand building. Companies are now spending on digital marketing which offers them a powerful and cost-effective way of promoting their business. It provides them with essential options that include advanced targeting and personalization options.

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