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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your English

Improve Your English
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1. Set your goals.

ask someone:

Why study English?

Answers will vary. But most people will say ‘Because I want to get a good job’ ‘Because I want to move to London’ ‘Because my partner speaks English’ or ‘Because I like English’.

However, do you think you have heard anyone say that? “I want to speak English because I want to be perfect”? Maybe not!

Always remember that your priority should be effective communication. Focus on getting your message across to your audience. This means speaking as quickly as possible and practicing as much as you can.

2. start singing

Science has proved that the parts of the brain that receive music remain active even when learning a language. Learners who often listen to English songs have better pronunciation skills and are easier to understand. They began to speak English more naturally.

Singing is a great way to lift your spirits and improve your English at the same time.

Next time you hear a song you like. Search the internet for that song and play and sing it.

Pay attention to how the words are pronounced and imitate what you hear so that they are as close to the original text as possible. You will soon find yourself singing this song without words.

3. Tell us about your life.

Your brain remembers new words if you apply them to your life and make them as personal as possible.

So use that expression you just learned and ask yourself:

“How do I use it in my situation? In what contexts do I see myself using it?”

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There are two advantages to this process:

At first, you will feel that your learning is useful and you will not be disappointed.

Second, it will make your life easier. Because next time you have to talk about yourself, your memories and your experiences. You will be prepared because you have trained!

4. Use Visual Learning Tools

Visual teaching is becoming more and more powerful and popular. Studies show that pictures of words help you remember correct sentences more efficiently. That means it’s easy to tell.

Next time you want to remember a new phrase. Instead, use your own or a photo from Google Photos.

Choosing your pictures, like a screen saver or a picture on your laptop, is the key to remembering these words next time!

5. Listen to yourself and get feedback from native speakers.

Some English language learners feel so shy and stressed that they stop chatting indefinitely. After several months of training, they know they’ve never heard him say that!

You must start practicing basic phrases from day one, listen to yourself, and listen to the sounds of the English language as you speak.

A good way to start is to record yourself reading a simple message. This helps for two reasons:

  •  you are familiar with the English sounds that come out of your mouth.
  • Second, you can save the recording to track your progress in the future and see how good it is!

It is very important to find someone to give you feedback on speaking exercises – especially a native speaker. One of the best ways is to learn English in an English-speaking country, where you can get constant feedback – in the classroom, while shopping, around town, and even from your host family.

Deep learning is so powerful because your whole life becomes a learning platform. The more you use English in a natural environment with speakers from all walks of life. The faster your progress.

If this isn’t an option, get regular feedback from your local teacher, tutor, or English speaker.

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