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5 best monsoon winter trek in Maharashtra

andharban trek
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The entire environment becomes luscious green. The pathways are crisscrossed by streams. Seasonal waterfalls roar their way down the mountain slope. In the wild, flowers of all forms, colours, and sizes blossom. The lakes, on the other hand, are filled with cool, pure water.

Trekking in the Sahyadris during the showers is all about really experiencing the enchantment of the showers.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of Maharashtra’s greatest monsoon treks. And with the southwest monsoon season set to arrive in this corner of the planet soon, weekend hikes beyond Mumbai or Pune are in high demand.


Andharban trek:

The name Andharban trek refers to a dark, deep forest. It’s a progressive descent walk where you start at a higher elevation and gradually lower yourself till you reach the bottom. It is among the most gorgeous excursions with plenty to see and do. We’ll be going on a ridge with a spectacular view of both the Kundalika River, Bhira Dam, as well as the Tamhini Ghat mountain ranges. The very first part of the walk is shaded by an evergreen forest (6-8 km). The walk continues down the Konkan coast to Bhira (4 km). The Kundalika River, renowned for this white water rafting, originates in the same valley.

Bhimashankar trek:

The route to Bhimashankar is indeed a perennial favourite among trekkers, especially during the monsoon season. A diversity of birds, langurs, and spotted deer will keep you company while you’re in the bush. You might even see a shekru,’ or Malabar Giant Squirrel, if you’re lucky.

If you’re a first-time trekker on your alone or with a group of friends who aren’t particularly experienced, we recommend doing the Ganesh Ghat path instead of the more difficult Shidi Ghat route. this trek is best for the beginners because difficulty is from easy to moderate anyone can do this trek. 


Khandas village is the starting point.


Private automobiles and jeeps were available to take visitors to Khandas from Karjat or Neral train stations.



Prabalgad, located near Panvel and Matheran, is an easily accessible fort that provides for an excellent monsoon walk. The fort dates back to the time of the Bahmani Sultanate, when it was first constructed.

While you may be tempted to go climb its more exhilarating neighbour, which is located along the road, we do not recommend doing so during the monsoon season. the rocks are high as well as dangerous here. 


However, from Prabalgad, you may marvel at the panorama of these stairs slithering up the Kalavantin Durg.


Difficulty: Simple


Trail Try typing: Broad and well-defined until Prabalmachi, then through dense woodland and up a steep ravine to the fort’s crumbling ruins of a door.


Thakurwadi is the starting point. Buses depart at Panvel ST Station.


During the monsoon, we do not advocate climbing up either Nalichi vaat or Taramati Ghal. However, reaching the summit via the Khireshwar or Pachnai routes is feasible and equally rewarding.

The Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff), its nearly 1,800-foot-high concave fall, is the hill fort’s major feature. It’s a vertical overhang that looks like a cobra’s hood and provides a breathtaking view of the hills around it. here you have to be cautious because sometimes it gets windy here. 

The fort of Harishchandragad is quite old, reaching back to the 6th century. There are caves across the fort that are thought to have been cut out in the 11th century. The route is very easy for the trekkers and you can enjoy a lot here. 


For the Khireshwar route, basecamp/starting point is Khubi phata after Malshej ghat, while for the Pachnai route, basecamp/starting point is Pachnai hamlet.




Manikgad is a ruins fort located on a hill in Maharashtra’s Manikgad hamlet. The fort stands at a height of 1,878 feet and is impenetrable on three sides. Mostly from the south can you get to the higher section.

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In the classical sense, it was more of a checkpoint than a fort.When approaching the fort, one is greeted by a dilapidated gate with a Ganesh carving on the top.

The fort commands a superb view of the surrounding below, with the Karnala pinnacle with Prabalgad castle conspicuously visible. This is an easy to moderate trek where you can easily do the trekking. No experience is needed. 

Khandas village is the starting point

Private automobiles and jeeps were available to take you to Khandas from Karjat or Neral railway stations.


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