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5 best blockchain technology certification training courses in India: 2022

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The concept of new digital money payment technology did not become popular with the innovation of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The digital ledger technology blockchain on which many digital currencies including the latter crypto coin operate must not be missed. Today, there is hardly any sector left where there is no need for blockchain technology. If you wish to make your career in crypto, then today we are going to list down some of the 5 best blockchain certification training courses in India. You need to look at it, and then decide which course to opt for.


Blockchain technology: What is it?

In the contemporary scenario, everything is going digital. What if you come across a digital money technology that lets you send money directly to someone, and that too without the interference of any central authority? Of course, it seems exciting. And this is where the role of blockchain technology comes in. The name of this digital ledger technology is made up of two different words – block and chain. 

It records all the transactions that have been done in the past hours via a chain of blocks. A copy of the blockchain is kept by every node contributing to the network operation and its security. And this is the main reason that makes Bitcoin a secured decentralized digital currency that is free from any censorship and no interference from third parties. It is borderless also. 

In the current scenario, blockchain technology still appears a bit stranger to those who are newly exposed to the crypto world. However, when you start exploring it, then you will certainly going to applaud it and would sooner accept it. It has been in use by many business operations. 


Who is behind the foundation and ownership of blockchain technology?

The one who is behind the foundation of the global-famed digital currency Bitcoin is the person behind the innovation and execution of the blockchain network. He is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain is just like the internet where anyone has the advantage of exploring this digital ledger technology. 


5 best blockchain certification training courses in India: 2022

After doing them, your gates to becoming a blockchain developer are opened. Now you will wonder what is so special about these blockchain certification training courses? Are they really going to help in pursuing a successful crypto career? The answer to both of these questions is of course, Yes. 

These blockchain courses do not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but also provide practical exposure during the training of the course. With that, you will be knowing the concept of all types of cryptocurrency transactions. Besides that, you will be also given training on the creation of a blockchain project by following steps. Now let us flock on to our main topic which is based on the 5 best blockchain certification training courses in India: 2022. Note that all of these courses offer approved certification.



Intellipaat is one of the top names that provide blockchain certification courses. It provides training with high quality, round-the-clock support, and assistance in job opportunities. The other key characteristics of Intellipaat include project work and exercises for 40hr and bendable schedules. It gives authorized certification to the ones who opted for the blockchain course. 


At Intellipaat, you will be given all possible help on the professional front, and also assure about learners get lucrative jobs after completing the blockchain certificate course. Mock interview sessions are also conducted at this organization. Plus, concentration is given to each student to help them create resumes of high quality. 

The online blockchain certification training course at Intellipaat includes many topics in its training. These include Bitcoin, programming, MultiChain, hyper ledger, and much more. The trainers here make students work on projects in the real world. They also give them exposure to case studies that help them gain experience. Coming on to fees, then it is Rs 12,027 if you apply for self-paced training. In case, you opt for Live instructor course training, then you have to make a fee payment of Rs 19,038.


Henry Harvin

Coming on to the next is Henry Harvin. It is another very best education course on blockchain. In India, it comes in the category of top blockchain certification training courses. There are multiple batch slots with different trainers to grasp more and more knowledge and experience. Like Intellipaat, you can either opt for self-paced training or live-instructor training. The fee for the former is 13500, whereas, for another, it is 15000. When a student completes the blockchain certification training course, he/she will be getting a testimonial certification with globally approved. The certificate will ensure you become a Certified Blockchain Practitioner. 


Kelly Technologies

Kelly Technologies is also a popular name in India in providing blockchain certificate training courses to budding crypto job aspirants. Both professionals and students can apply for blockchain courses and can gain in-depth knowledge of various crypto-based topics including Bitcoin, bitcoin mining, and so on. When students finish the blockchain course, they are ready to become blockchain experts. At Kelly Technologies, the duration of the course blockchain here is 45 hours. 


GTA Academy

GTA Academy also comes as the best institution in India providing result-based training with blockchain courses applicable both for new aspirants as well as professionals. Trainers at GTA Academy are thorough professionals. They even share their experiences with students to make them aware of what is relevant in the industry. 

This institution imparts detailed knowledge on digital ledger technology blockchain to young aspirants and experienced ones. The blockchain course covers topics like the concept of cryptocurrency, smart contracts, the framework of blockchain, blocks, and transactions. After finishing the course, students will be ready with the skills they have learned in doing the courses, further opening lucrative career opportunities in the blockchain industry. 



TekSlate is also one of the best institutions in providing certificate courses on blockchain technology in India. Doing this course here will let you gain knowledge on various crypto-based topics including Bitcoin and HyperLedger. The duration of the blockchain course at TekSlate is 21 hours. You can even join a demo session on blockchain technology free of cost. Like above, TekSlate offers 2 types of training – Self-paced and live online blockchain training. It is trusted by companies around the world. There are more than 32,052 learners. Blockchain training is not only for new aspirants but also for professionals. 


Final words

Blockchain technology has found its relevant use in many sectors including banking and finance. If you want to make a lucrative career in it, then these are the centers where you can learn all about blockchain. Plus, keep following the Cryptoknowmics website, where you can get updates on HBAR price prediction for coming years and other topics.

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