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15 Most In-demand TikTok Trends in 2022

TikTok Trends in 2022
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We talked about the top 15 most loved TikToks a few weeks back. But what are the most popular TikTok trends today?

There are many people who follow and post on TikTok. It’s no surprise that some video themes, background songs, and challenges explode on TikTok. They become TikTok trends and can be used for weeks or even months until everyone gets tired of them.

What TikTok trends are people most fond of in 2022, then? There are many to choose from, so we won’t be covering them all. However, we will highlight some of the most popular TikToks.

Zoom Meeting Mishaps

Zoom has been a part of many people’s lives for the past two years. So, zoom has made it easier to study and work remotely. It is not surprising that there have been a number of instances of people forgetting their cameras or microphones, falling asleep, being caught unawares and finding themselves in awkward situations. These incidents are common for TikTok users, who love to share them. One of the most popular ones is posted by @thiswellplannedlife, where she doesn’t know her camera is on and keeps making exasperated hand gestures for the other person to hurry up and wrap it up:

Another one is the Zoom meeting prank, which you can pull on coworkers and classmates.

The most hilarious ones are those where people don’t know they have a camera on. Like this teacher, who showed up in his pants off and said naughty words to his partner without realizing he was being listened to and watched by his students. This one was a hit with TikTok users:

Hot or not composite images

Hot Or Not Composite Images is an emerging trend on Tik Tok. This trend is becoming very popular and it is a challenge for all Tik Tok users to create their own TikTok Hot Or Not composite images.

The Attractive Face Score is a Tik Tok trend photo. It is used to assess the attractiveness and personality of a person. Images range from 0-10.

Tik Tok’s viral trend gives ratings to anyone who has a rating that differs from one person to the next. Pierre Tourigny designed the Attractive Face Scale. Tourigny, a Canadian statistician and photographer, is the designer of the Attractive Face scale.

Your dating life is…

@jamiejukesuk started this trend by posting a video in which he shows the difficulties of dating in your 30s to the tune “It’s the Hard Knock Life”. He acts as if each one of these issues is putting him to the ground.

Many women feel that they are facing the same problems as men in their 20s. This is in contrast to guys who often settle more in their 30s.

The song and trend were used to show other struggles in life, beyond just dating. Allison Rochell, for example, shows how difficult it is to be married to an NFL player.

@myteacherface shows how society is trying pressure women who don’t want children to have them.

Video: Rent-Free Living in Your Head

Popular TikToker Jess Marciante asked the question, “What’s the video that lives in you head rent-free?” at the end of 2020. These hilarious responses were hilarious, such as this clip of a fan discovering she was going to meet her favorite Ellen celebrity:

Sometimes it’s beautiful, emotional songs that stay in our heads rent-free. Vincint Cannady’s rendition of “Creep”, by Radiohead, was one of those songs.

Tell me without telling me

TikTok users are challenged to tell others something by not saying the words but rather showing it. If you tell someone you are stupid, but don’t actually tell them, you will need to share an example of something you did or a story about how you made it so.

This is a popular trend on TikTok and it doesn’t seem to be tied to any particular topic.

Mama said it was OK

This trend is a favorite of TikTokers to the Lukas Graham song “Mama Said”. It encourages people to be open-minded, to think for themselves and to stop judging others because they don’t fit into society’s expectations and standards. It’s OK if mama said it was okay. That’s the gist of it. This trend is something I love and agree with wholeheartedly. lisa-kudrow

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