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10 tallest buildings in India

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Because of the blast in development in metro urban areas, the horizon in Indian urban communities has changed definitely over the most recent 20 years. Regions that used to be overwhelmed by low-ascent private edifices are presently dabbed with the poshest high rises, home to a portion of the country’s most extravagant individuals. As indicated by a good guess, Mumbai alone has in excess of 50 high rises, trailed by Kolkata with 12. While numerous high rises are presently under development, here is a rundown of the tallest structures in India, which are now functional and tenable.

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Tallest Buildings in India: Location and Description

World one

City: Mumbai

Level: 280.2 m

World One, created by the Lodha Group, is the tallest structure in Mumbai and India, World One, is based on the 7.1-hectare site of the dead Srinivas Mill. The site additionally has two other lower towers. The first thought was to make the pinnacle 442 meters tall, yet because of the absence of consent from the Airports Authority of India (AAI), the pinnacle was upgraded to its ongoing level, making it the tallest high rise in India.

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World view

City: Mumbai

Level: 277.5 m

World View is situated on similar grounds as World One. With 73 stories, it is the second tallest pinnacle in India. Development started in 2015 and required five years to finish. Arranged in the Lower Parel district, the complex is an eminent milestone in the locale.

The Park

City: Mumbai

Level: 268 meters

Worked over an area of 17.5 sections of land, the recreation area is an extravagant private undertaking, created by the Lodha Group. The task turned into a gigantic accomplishment as numerous big names purchased properties here, including whiz Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who purchased a 4BHK home here. This tallest pinnacle in India has 78 stories and offers uber-extravagance condos just to a limited handful.

Nathani Heights

City: Mumbai

Level: 262 meters

Nathani Heights is a private high rise in the Mahalaxmi area of Mumbai. While development started in 2012, the pinnacle required eight years to finish. This tallest structure in India has 72 stories and is situated in probably the most active area of Mumbai.

Imperial I and Imperial II

City: Mumbai

Level: 256 meters

Situated in Tardeo, Mumbai, The Imperial is based on the past ghetto land. The venture is home to a few high-total assets people (HNIs). This was the main undertaking of its sort where current twin pinnacles were developed for private purposes in India. The undertaking was planned by Hafeez Contractor and is one of his most outstanding works.

The 42

City: Kolkata

Level: 249 m

It is the tallest pinnacle in eastern India. Situated in Kolkata, 42 is a private high rise, situated in Chowringhee, the city’s focal business locale. The development of the tallest 65-story working in India was finished in 2019 following a deferral of quite a while.

Ahuja Towers

City: Mumbai

Level: 248 m

Ahuja Towers is one more private task in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, which is known for lodging a few big names including the home of Indian cricket crew star Rohit Sharma. The pinnacle was finished in 2019 and has 55 stories. Built by Ahuja Constructions, it is one of the top-notch projects around.

Van Avighna Park

City: Mumbai

Level: 247 m

The venture is situated in Lower Parel and has 61 stories. It is likewise a twin pinnacle structure created by Avighna India Limited. The undertaking was finished in 2019 and has 3, 4, and 5BHK condos that are proposed to just choose people. Van Avighna Park has a pre-ensured Platinum rating from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Crescent Bay

City: Mumbai

Level: 239 meters

Bow Bay is a super exceptional venture being created by L&T Realty in a relationship with Omkar. This gated complex in Parel contains six private pinnacles. Tower six is the tallest and has 62 stories.


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